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Departing Employees, the Risk they Pose and How to Manage it.

March 24, 2022

Speakers & Sessions

Trust me, this is how you fail... Dr. Chase Cunningham | CSO @ Ericom Software


The Great Resignation:Where is your data going when your people leave, and how do you manage it? Jason Mical | Field CTO @ Rapid7 


When Insider Risk Feels Personal: The Realization That There’s an Insider Threat on Your Team Description: Do you know what an Insider Risk event feels like to a manager? Mark Wojtasiak | VP Portfolio & Product Marketing @ Code42


Insider Risk Management: How to Measure Insider Risk.

May 17, 2022

Speakers & Sessions

A Three-Pronged Approach For De-risking Insiders. Joseph Blankenship | VP, Research Director, Forrester

Training, Awareness, and Metrics: The Missing Keys to a Holistic Insider Risk Program. Brandon Leiker | Cyber Strategy Manager, Optiv

How long is a piece of Insider Risk? Sam Humphries | Head of EMEA Security Strategy, Exabeam 

Reporting Up on Insider Risk: Getting your Leadership Team into the Know. Clea Ostendorf | Sr. Insider Risk Advisor, Code42