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Who Should Attend?


Security Practitioners

Industry Experts

More than just one moment in time – the Insider Risk Summit is a community of organizations and security professionals that understand collaboration, productivity and enablement of users while meeting data security challenges. 

Keynote Speakers

Mark T. Hofmann

Crime and Intelligence Analyst

Mark is a crime and intelligence analyst (“profiler”) and business psychologist who has specialized in behavioral and cyber profiling and conducted scientific interviews with criminals, psychopaths and hackers to understand the internal perspectives. During the Summit, he will talk about the difference between external and insider cybercriminals and delve into the psychology of malicious, negligent and accidental insiders. He’ll also show how "social engineering" works in 2022 and how we can become a human firewall.

Pablos Holman

Technology Futurist, Inventor, World-Renowned Hacker & Viral TED Speaker

Pablos is a world-renowned hacker turned technology futurist, inventor and viral TED speaker who possesses a unique ability to articulate practical solutions and visions for the future of technology. He’ll offer an inspirational view of what’s possible in a world of exponential change.

Joe Payne

President and CEO, Code42 and Chairman, Insider Risk Summit

Joe is the president and CEO of Code42 and co-author of the book Inside Jobs. He will share his take on why the infosec world must make a fundamental shift in how it plans for, manages and responds to insider risk – which includes both malicious data exfiltration and unintentional data exposure – compared to how it approaches malware risk.

Top Reasons to Attend

Engage in industry tracks that address security challenges and building resiliency.

Virtually interact with security experts and partners in building a security aware culture in Insider Risk Management.

Join a community of global practitioners, thought leaders and industry experts in the Insider Risk Management space.

Earn CPE credits while gaining knowledge and sharing insights with others.

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