In today’s Spotlight Series blog post, we highlight Keynote Speaker, Pablos Holman, Technology Futurist, Inventor, World-Renowned Hacker and Viral TED Speaker.

Security pros have the ability to become an agent of change - propelling innovation forward. One thing that stands in the way of reaching that potential is fear. Fear of technology adoption, fear of the intent of Insider Risk and fear of the change itself.

Technologies that have automation, robotics and machine learning are widely used and have the ability to benefit every industry. However, adoption of new technology comes with risk - disinformation, hackers, surveillance. If fear takes over and gets in the way, it’s impossible to realize the potential in these technologies.

Insider Risk is not always rooted in malicious intent. Gone are the days where you could effectively hunt for the “bad actors”. Equal attention must be given to the non-malicious insider, which is arguably a more pervasive threat. Organizations must understand that their people are often doing unsmart things, in an effort to get their jobs done.

Security teams must rethink their approaches - fast. Understanding people, culture and approaching traditional problems differently will help overcome challenges to better protect their companies, people and valuable IP without impeding collaboration.

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