Security Burnout

Why it happens, the impact it has on your team and how to make changes that ease the burden. 


Josh Yavor

CISO | Tessian

Josh is Chief Information Security Officer at Tessian, leading information security, threat intelligence, and security research. Prior to joining Tessian, he served as CISO for Cisco Secure and led cloud security for Duo Security, with earlier stops at Facebook, Oculus, and iSEC Partners. Josh is an aspiring woodworker and recovering middle school teacher.

Chrysa Freeman

Security Awareness Expert, SSAP | Code42

Chrysa has been in corporate security for 13 years. She’s built security awareness programs from the ground up in various industries including retail, technology, and healthcare. Chrysa is currently Manager of Security Awareness at Code42. She is passionate about the juncture where security and the science of human behavior intersect. Chrysa enjoys sharing her knowledge on building world class security awareness programs and insider threat issues. 


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Tessian | A Modern Approach to Insider Risk Reduction: A Practical Guide to Unburden Your SOC While Reducing Risk

72 hours - that’s how long it takes for SecOps teams to detect and contain incidents caused by insider threats. And incidents are only becoming more frequent. These incidents breach strict regulations and cost your business time, money and reputation.

In this session, Josh Yavor, CISO at Tessian will explain why this is happening and how SecOps teams can get that time back while reducing risk in the organization. Josh will share compelling insights and data to explain why insider risk - either malicious, negligent, or accidental - continues to rise and why data loss prevention is becoming a time consuming burden on the SecOps teams. He’ll then use real world examples to shine a light on how an intelligent, behavioral-based approach can detect and prevent insider risk events at scale and build more efficient SecOps workflows - without overburdening teams.

10:30 AM

Code42 | How to Retain Top Talent and Reduce Unnecessary Stress by Implementing an Empathetic Approach to Your Security Investigations and Inquiries

The Ponemon Institute reports that data breaches from insider threats rose 44% between 2020 and 2022, and a new study links that rise with four in five workers who say they’ve experienced burnout in the past year. That number is rising  with the current onslaught of layoffs we are seeing in the news. As we know security teams are also under great stress, yet we need to work with our employees who create the most common type of data loss; non-malicious loss due to mistakes. We need to find a way to decrease those leaks while not adding stress to an already stressed workforce.
It is possible and we’re seeing security teams find more success and close cases sooner using an empathetic approach to these types of investigations. Making this change results in more cooperation with employees while minimizing future mistakes and leaves your workplace and security teams elevated. This will positively contribute to a positive security culture in your organization to help us keep and attract the best talent.
Chrysa will share key tips to succeed in empathetic investigations and how to make that transition more easily and in less time than you might think.

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