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11:00 am | Welcome

11:05 am | MITRE Session

11:50 am | Booz Allen Hamilton Session

12:15 pm | Break

12:25 pm | Code42 Session

12:50 pm | Speaker Q&A + Discussion

1:30 pm | Event Close

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Security Practitioners

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More than just one moment in time – the Insider Risk Summit is a community of organizations and security professionals that understand collaboration, productivity and enablement of users while meeting data security challenges. 


Dr. James Doodson

Principal Behavioral Psychologist for Insider Risk | MITRE Insider Threat Research & Solutions

Dr. James Doodson is a principal behavioral scientist at The MITRE Corporation where he leverages and combines the behavioral sciences and cyber sciences to more effectively deter, detect, and mitigate insider threats. Since 2013, James has been a thought leader in conducting scientific research to develop, operationalize, test, and evaluate how insider threats and other risky human behaviors manifest across cyber, human, physical, and organizational sensors.

Stephen Griegel

Principal Director - Data Security, Privacy & Insider Risk | Booz Allen Hamilton

Stephen Griegel is the Data Security, Privacy & Insider Risk leader for Booz Allen’s Commercial Advanced Cyber Defense business. Stephen and his team are focused on developing and implementing end-to-end capabilities to govern, protect and monitor data. These capabilities support a client’s vast needs and programs such as Privacy, Insider Risk/Threat, Data Loss Protection, Secured Data Governance, Secured Cloud Data and more. Over the past 15 years, Stephen has managed large-scale Cyber Security and IT transformation projects across industries while focusing on Communication & Media, High Technology, Pharmaceutical, Travel and Consumer Services.

Joe Payne

President and CEO, Code42

Joe is the president and CEO of Code42 and co-author of the book Inside Jobs. He will share his take on why the infosec world must make a fundamental shift in how it plans for, manages and responds to insider risk – which includes both malicious data exfiltration and unintentional data exposure – compared to how it approaches malware risk.

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