Theme & Tracks

Event Theme

Reimagine Data Security for the Way We Work Today

Tracks | Breakout Sessions

Track 1 | Measure

Provide guidance and real-world examples of measuring the effectiveness of Insider Risk Management programs. Sessions will provide expertise around quantifying and measuring risk, understanding compliance implications, and understanding the impact of risk across the board.

Track 2 | Manage

Provide guidance on the building blocks of an Insider Risk Management program. From early implementation, managing a program day-to-day, and providing the necessary insights for success, these sessions provide valuable learnings from organizations in the program trenches.

Track 3 | Mitigate

Provides valuable insight into how organizations are responding to Insider Risk - both proactively and reactively. Whether response mechanisms are driven by technical controls, educational modules, or integrated playbooks, these sessions equip you with the knowledge you need to understand response mechanisms. We are a community of business leaders and security professionals that want to mitigate and manage Insider Risk in today’s collaborative, fast-paced, hybrid and innovative workplace. We do this by listening, exchanging best practices, and sharing expertise on strategies, frameworks, processes, content and technologies that help prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats - whether they be sabotage, fraud, espionage, data loss and theft, or physical/psychological threats. We believe in creating a workplace where individuals and ideas are safe.